Our Montessori Programs

Montessori classrooms offer the benefits of a mixed age environment. Giving children the gift and variety of a rich multi-year age group is one of our strengths. Each classroom is an inviting, large family with younger or less skilled children benefiting by seeing and being motivated by older, more skilled children.

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1 - 3 years

Our Toddler Community has two classrooms: The Nest and The Branch. Each classroom has 14 children enrolled and three teachers. The central goal of our toddler rooms is to provide the children with opportunities to expand their understanding about themselves in relation to their world.

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3 - 6 years

In our Primary classrooms, the children begin to gain the skills of concentration, coordination, and develop working habits that will help them achieve in the later grades. They begin to learn how to manage their time and gain a sense of personal responsibility for what they do and accomplish.