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Reviews from Our Parents

We sincerely appreciate all of these kind words from our parents. We encourage you to read the reviews for Children’s Garden Montessori below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top Montessori school around!

Children’s Garden provides excellent child care. They make sure to incorporate several learning lessons each day. The teachers in Rainbow Room make sure to spend individual time with each child making sure no kids are left out. I recommend Children’s Garden.

Brian M.

My children love Children’s Garden as much as I do!! I love it for the wonderful staff, the educational experiences and the great care they receive; my kids love it because it is so much fun.

Thanks for taking such great care of my family and preparing them for an amazing future!!

Robin Ebert Mays 5 stars - Excellent

This school is amazing! The staff are knowledgeable and well trained, they take interest not just in the child they care for but support the entire family. My three year old has been attending for 6 months after spending three years at a different center and she is almost unrecognizable. She has more confidence that ever and is learning at an amazing rate. Thank you all for your efforts.

Sarah Burgess 5 stars - Excellent

This school has become a second home to my children. They are loved, nurtured and cared for as if they belong to the teachers and staff. The education they receive is the cherry on top! We have been a part of this school for nearly 5 years and plan to be here for at least another 3 as there is no better place in the Tri Cities for children to spend their days learning, growing, becoming independent children who will continue to flourish in their lives due to the early influence Children’s Garden had on them.

Meagan Ansingh 5 stars - Excellent

The toddler program at Children’s Garden provides a nurturing and educational environment for toddlers. My daughter is starting her second year in the toddler program at Children’s Garden, and she truly loves her time at there. She has developed good learning and social habits in this program. Each morning she is excited to go to school to greet and see her teachers and classmates. Drop off is easy on both of us since my daughter happily engages in activities as we enter the classroom. Many of the daily skills she works on at school, she also enjoys doing at home including helping prepare her food and cleaning up after herself. I recommend Children’s Garden to any family looking for a place that promotes intellectual, emotional, physical and social development all in a warm and welcoming community.

Elly S.

My daughter has been in the toddler program at Children’s Garden Montessori for just over a year now and I could not be more thrilled with her development. She has become independent while her own character has been encouraged and nurtured by her teachers. Having a background myself in a Montessori school I have seen what it can do for children, I did not know how much more it would affect my own child. Seeing what it does for her on a daily basis is reassuring and astounding. She is learning at an accelerated rate and also learning to deal with her peers in a realistic manner. All the teachers and support staff are very warm and loving and everyone in the school, including first grade teachers, know my daughter by name. The environment Children’s Garden has created makes me feel like I am leaving my child in the care of family instead of just a preschool, a feeling that I never thought I would have. My husband and I feel very fortunate to have found such a place for our daughter to grow and learn and we will forever be in debt to the wonderful teachers who have treated our child like their own.

Meagan A.

Dear Jennie,

I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude for the dedication and caring of the staff and administrators at Children’s Garden Montessori.  My boys have attended the school for the past 9 years, starting as young as 20 months old and ending with graduation from the school after second grade.   When I was pregnant with my first child, co-workers with high-school aged children who went to Children’s Garden guided me to the school, and I will always be thankful for their recommendations.  I myself am happy to recommend the school to new parents.

The CG classrooms all have low teacher-student ratios and nurturing staff who really do give a lot of individual attention to each child.  In addition, the school provides an excellent learning environment, where each child is encouraged to explore his world and learn to his own ability level.  Both my boys worked a grade level ahead in math at CG, are reading more advanced books than many of their neighborhood peers, and have developed an intense curiosity about science and how things work.  Additionally, my boys never experienced academic “back-sliding” over the summers as a result of your year-round program that has been a blessing for our dual-income family.

Thank you for all you do for the CG kids!


Julie R.

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