Parent Involvement

At Children’s Garden we understand the importance of the role parents have in their child’s education.  We have seen firsthand the great results that come from parents, teachers and administrators working together for each individual child’s benefit.

The process of building a working support team for each child starts with your tour of the school.  This unhurried time together allows us to share our passion about the school and the Montessori approach to learning.  There is also time for you to ask questions and start to think about what type of educational environment you would like for your child.  It is common for parents to say they have never really thought about what kind of school they want for their young child.  The focus is often on more long range goals like high school or college.  In truth, it is your child’s first years of education that set the stage and builds the foundation for all future skills and knowledge.   We suggest you look at other schools and environments so that you can make an informed choice about what you value and want for your child.  When parents and the school come together with shared goals,   it creates home / school consistency for the child and a sense of belonging and well being for parents.

Once your child is enrolled we continue to offer many opportunities for you to be an active part of your child’s education.  We realize that most families are very busy so our program is also structured to support you in as many ways as possible.  Really caring about your child and communicating often is the key to a good working relationship with each family.

Parenting is quite stressful.  We know the educational benefits when children and parents feel safe and secure within a warm caring community.  In addition our close, multi-age classrooms encourage families to be a part of the same classroom for several years.  Parents are often aware of Montessori School’s reputation for helping children be successful academically.  We also emphasize the importance of children’s social and emotional development. We want the children to experience the simple joy of being a successful part of a community. Each classroom models the importance of caring for each member of the classroom.  Stressing respect and each child’s and teachers’ responsibility toward the group are part of the daily curriculum.

We have found that the Tri-Cities is largely a community of families who are living a long distance from family. There is much research about the benefits of experiencing the warmth and security of having extended family.  We encourage interaction between the families that make up each classroom.  To support that sense of community each classroom offers several events each year that are geared toward helping parents and children socialize.

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