The Montessori Curriculum is designed to give each child a strong foundation in the sciences. Each young child is a natural scientist and is very interested in the world around them. Weaving the basic elements of Botany, Zoology, Earth Science and the Physical Sciences into their daily curriculum helps them learn more about their world, but more importantly helps them learn about the process of science. When children have the repeated hands-on opportunities to interact with and discover science concepts they can more readily make base concepts their own. They also learn the importance of consistency, recording, and learning from our mistakes. This process has a secondary benefit of helping the young child learn to be systematic and how to think. Science is an active process. When children are given the chance to study a subject over a long period of time, ask questions and have first hand experiences in figuring out how go about finding answers to those questions a deep love of science evolves. Our strong focus on the sciences and supporting activities like Family Science nights make science come alive for the children.