Classroom Areas

Classroom Areas

A Montessori Classroom is a very special place. If is beautiful, child sized and inviting. But many of the most important element of the environment are things you cannot directly see. The environments have been carefully designed to help each child as they grow into the adults they will become.

The base philosophy and way of interacting with children are the most important elements of the classroom. Most importantly each classroom is based on a deep sense of respect. This element is extended to the people and materials in the classroom. Another important element is the importance of the classroom as a social community. Everything that happens in the room supports the child as he or she absorbs how a group of individuals can support and benefit from their affiliation with the group. Learning that the people in your world love, respect and count on you is a wonderful gift.

Another element of the classroom design is the slow process of helping each child to become motivated, independent and responsible. Our focus on the importance of developing an understanding of their own feelings, needs and strong social skills supports all future academic gains.

Base Elements of the Montessori Classroom

Development of self-regulation skills: The period from birth to age 8 is a very important time for your child. Learning how to recognize their feelings and developing the skills needed to successfully to calm themselves are woven into each day your child attends school. Helping the children to develop self-control is one of our goals.

Social Understanding and Conflict Resolution Skills: The Montessori Method supports your child as they struggle to understand and gain the skills nessesary to be successful in a world filled with unique individuals. Various methods are used to help the young child grasp the complicated world of interaction with others.

Developing Executive Functions and Processing Skills: The time from birth to age 8 is very important for the child’s developing brain. Our approach places high value on helping children to concentrate and process information. Teachers carefully empower the children to solve problems and think for themselves.