Why Montessori?

Our Philosophy

Montessori education is an approach to learning that emphasizes the dignity of each child, freeing that child to reach his or her potential for self-development in a rich, responsive environment.  Our purpose is to provide experiences that will expand each child’s world, helping him or her to greet experiences with receptiveness and assurance.  Our most important aim is for the child to develop positive feelings about his / her own self worth and abilities.  We promote a loving and friendly atmosphere in which children can grow and expand at their own pace.  Learning to be a friend and a helper, and developing that comfortable feeling that the teacher is especially interested in you are goals for each child.  Proving them with lessons and materials that aid them in developing academic skills helps to reach these goals.

All-Day Montessori Program

Our All-Day Montessori Program has been specially designed to meet the needs of working parents.  Our “Core Time” runs from 9:00 am. To 3:00 pm each day.  In addition parents can choose to extend their child’s time with us to include additional before and / or after school activities.  We are open as early as 6:30 am and as late as 6:00 pm.

Montessori classrooms offer children the benefits of a mixed age environment.  Giving the children the gift and variety of a rich multi-year age group is one of our strengths.  Each classroom becomes an inviting, wonderful large family.  Younger or less skilled children benefit by seeing and being motivated by older or more skilled children.   Older children benefit by feeling the joy of being helpers and teachers for the less skilled ones.  Every child is more skilled in something.  Being successful in assisting another child develops “real” self-esteem.

We integrate a quality Montessori environment with extended play activities throughout the day.  This integrated approach gives the children access to trained teachers, a variety of materials and a relaxed environment in which to develop at their own pace.

Another big plus of this system is the consistency and emotional stability provided by keeping the children in this same mixed – age group over several years.  Our program offers the children a consistent social environment in which to develop friends and build a sense of personal responsibility, belonging and pride.

As a school we place high value on the process of growing into a responsible and capable adult who truly enjoys life.  We strive to support the children and their families in this worthwhile endeavor.

We actively work to teach and reinforce the following skills and behaviors:

  • Respect for all living things
  • Being responsible and independent
  • Developing an optimistic point of view (I can do this!)
  • Learning that mistakes are an important part of learning
  • Being able to focus and be capable of extended concentration
  • Developing a life-long love of learning
  • Developing a sense of connection and community with their classmates
  • Developing the ability to regulate their own emotions and behavior
  • Developing an internal sense of order and process
  • Carefully observing the world in which they live
  • Being able to communicate what they feel, need or want to express
  • Developing social understanding and successful conflict resolution skills
  • Demonstrating empathy and concern for the well being of others
  • Acting cooperatively with another person to reach a common goal
  • Having an interest or curiosity about something or someone
  • Being able to set goals and work toward their completion
  • Listening to others
  • Developing their own unique set of values
  • Taking credit for their accomplishments and responsibility for their actions
  • Developing responsible leadership skills
  • Building a strong base of academic skills (a love of reading, a clear understanding of mathematics, the ability to communicate in written form and a deep love of science and the world in which we live)

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was a forward looking medical doctor who lived at the turn of the century.  She developed a very through and practical approach to teaching young children based on the accumulated research to date.  She combined this information with her own extensive observations on the way children learn.  These observations were the impetus for the wonderful hands-on materials she developed.  We follow and continually expand upon her ideas.

Montessori education is based on genuine respect for each child as an individual.  Teachers work with each child individually and then give them the time and exquisite materials to develop skills and understanding of each area of the classroom.

Children’s garden is equipped with a full range of Montessori Materials to aid in the children’s growth.  These materials are arranged for the children to manipulate as they are ready for them, thus guiding the children through the sequential stages of development.